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My philosophy on helping my clients buy and sell Kelowna and Okanagan real estate is that things don't have to be serious all the time, the journey can be fun and we have to remember the destination.....your new home. Your search on this website is free and open, I won't 'force' you to register to see a home you are interested in.

No matter if you are buying or selling a home, I have you covered on every aspect of the transaction from inspectors to lawyers to mortgage brokers to stagers and tradespeople, full service all the way!

I have been selling real estate for 15 years and I love spending time with my little family. I am a HUGE Green Bay Packers fan, I love to play golf (poorly), camp, hike and spend time on vacation in either Hawaii or Fairmont, BC.

"Getting better isn't about a hack or a trick or one change that you need to make. Getting better is a campaign. It's daily, weekly, an hourly fight. Against weakness, temptation & laziness. It's a campaign of disclipline. A campaign of hard work and dedication. It's about getting up early, going to bed late and grinding out every second in between!" Jocko Willink 


When I first called Kelley, I began our call by saying “sorry to bother you” and he immediately interrupted me and said “you are not bothering me, this is my job and I am happy to help you!” He proceeded to help me buy my first home. Nine years later I called him again ready to sell my home and he answered with the same attitude and enthusiasm. Kelley sold my home in approximately a month during the COVID 19 pandemic. He was very attentive and demonstrated integrity every step of the way. He could not have been more helpful and I could not be happier with the service and care he provided. Thanks again!
Jazmine Drost, Calgary, left feedback on 9/27/2020
When needing help in finding your perfect home, it doesn't get any better then Kelley Skar!! Kelley made my entire experience fun, positive, straightforward, and I always felt he had my best interests in mind. I really valued that he took the time to get to know me and what I was looking for in a home. Also being a first time home buyer I was intimated by the whole process of purchasing a home and knew nothing of the steps involved. Kelley thoroughly explained each step and always made sure I was 100% confident and comfortable with each decision before moving forward. When looking for your dream home there will be ups and downs, but Kelley was always there to offer support and help me through it. He made himself available and always got your questions and concerns answered. Kelley also comes backed by an amazing team of people and resources for all other home buyer needs as well. I truly felt he went above and beyond for me and was in my corner at all times! I can now happily say I am a proud home owner thanks to Kelley!
Monique, Calgary, left feedback on 9/24/2020
We met Kelley Skar through our Relator in Oakville when we moved back in September of 2018 after being in there for about 3 years. Kelly was helpful and patient as we navigate the changing market conditions in Calgary. Kelley was very helpful in understanding the over all statistics in both the Calgary Market and our Neighbourhood Market. This helped in the go to Market strategy, understanding timing, the level and type of investment in our existing home to facilitate the sale. Once we had completed the few remodel projects and few maintenance issue we were ready. Kelley helped understand the comparable homes and we set the correct price for the conditions and the sale happened in the first two weeks after an active first week of showings. This I attribute to the correct pricing, marketing activities and Kelley's connectivity and Network. It was a pleasure working with Kelley on the sale of our 30 year family home.
Ed and Jill Clarke, left feedback on 6/24/2020
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