Get Off the Couch and Get Beach Fit With Our Ultimate Guide to Kelowna's Running Trails

Living a healthy, balanced, and active life can be difficult to manage all year round, but it surely becomes easier to accomplish in the summer, especially for those of us living in Kelowna. If you've been enjoying your time on the couch over the colder months, rest assured that summer is just around the corner, which means one thing for certain: it's time to get fit for the summer season! So get off the couch and explore the beauty of your surroundings while getting in shape with these ultimate Kelowna running trails.

A Run With a View at Waterfront Park

In the heart of Kelowna, you'll find exactly the place you need to get yourself motivated for the running season. Waterfront Park, which is located in the Cultural District at 1200 Water Street, offers a beautiful boardwalk that is great for jogging and enjoying the expansive views of Okanagan Lake. Pass through manicured gardens, bubbling waterfalls, and lagoons while observing the joy of the swimmers at the sandy beachfront area. Feel free to bring your pooch along for a jog here, too, just as long as you put him on a leash.

Mission Creek Greenway: Jogging Among Nature

Being able to harness relaxation while simultaneously getting a great workout is just one of the benefits of living in Kelowna, and one that can certainly be accomplished for runners at Mission Creek Greenway. The trails here, which are currently being expanded to reach 26 kilometres in length, are commonly visited by joggers, walkers, and cyclists. Don't be surprised if you see several horseback riders on this nature trail as well. With phase three of the trails currently under construction, visitors have two choices: phase one of the greenway offers 8 kilometres of trails nearest to Okanagan Lake, while phase two provides a secondary option for 8 to 16 kilometres from the lake.

Run on a CN Railway: Rails with Trails

This unique pathway is situated in Central Kelowna and runs parallel to Clement Avenue. Joggers, walkers, and cyclists alike will find Rails with Trails the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon full of activity. This paved, multi-use pathway provides some sure footing for those with strong knees - and quality running shoes - as well as some rich history. Built on the existing CN Railway corridor, Rails with Trails has recently had a 1.5 kilometre extension approved to expand the trail from Spall Road to Dilworth Drive, which is set to be completed in June 2014, just in time for the high running and biking season. Dogs are allowed on the pathway provided they are leashed and cleaned up after.

Regardless of what kind of running trail you're interested in experiencing over the summer season, you're sure to find it in Kelowna, and likely not far from where you live. With so many options nearby your home, there's simply no excuse to stay on the couch on a warm day. So prepare your running gear - as well as your active spirit - and get ready for a summer season full of activity and exercise.

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