Hit the Road and Enjoy These Five Scenic Okanagan Drives

There are many great things to see and do in the Okanagan. Over 100 wineries and beautiful natural landscapes lend themselves beautifully to activity and exploration. Whether you're looking to hit the road for a cruise, or are headed to an Okanagan destination, the roads here make any drive a leisurely experience. Here are five scenic Okanagan drives to enjoy.

Explore West Kelowna on Shannon Lake Road

Shannon Lake Road is a scenic drive that runs through West Kelowna. Accessible off Bartley Road, Shannon Lake road is a great strip to cruise. Along the road you'll find not only beautiful scenery, but also a Regional Park, wineries, Shannon Lake itself, and a golf course. Shannon Lake Road turns into Old Okanagan Highway by the Kelowna Fishing Charters. Bed and Breakfasts and impressive single family homes are scattered along Shannon Lake Road in residential communities.

Follow Highway 97 To Okanagan Falls

Highway 97 is one of the most scenic highways in BC. The highway runs through the whole of the Okanagan, and is a great way to swiftly cruise the many beautiful landscapes of the valley. Along the highway is Okanagan Falls, home to the largest ice cream cone seller in the entire valley. The falls at one time were large twin falls that emptied into the mouth of Lake Okanagan. In the 1950's these falls were reduced to gentle rapids with the construction of a flood control dam. You'll find a drive filled with beauty from all directions when you cruise highway 97 to Skaha Lake.

Take a Drive Along the Northwestern Side of Okanagan Lake

Westside Road runs from Kelowna past Vernon along the northwestern side of Okanagan Lake. The road is quiet, tranquil, and well-paved, and makes the perfect stretch for a Sunday drive. It's easily accessible from both ends, and offers beautiful scenery in a natural setting.

Find the Heat in Osoyoos along Highway 3

Highway 3 runs from Vancouver to Calgary, and hits some beautiful scenery along the way throughout the Okanagan. One of the most unique spots along this road is Osoyoos, which, as the most northern portion of the Sonora Desert is Canada's only desert city. Cacti and tumbleweed are regular fixtures here, and the city is home to Canada's only banana plantation. Although the most southern part of the Okanagan is a beautiful place to drive through and visit, it's also quite small. The city has a perimeter of 47.9 kms, and is located just minutes away from the US border.

Into the Wilderness off Beaver Lake Road

A drive along Beaver Lake Road is an adventurous way to experience the untouched natural beauty of the Okanagan. This dirt and paved road begins in Winfield and winds deep into the mountains. Not far from Winfield is Beaver Lake Resort. The resort offers all the recreational activities visitors to the area could expect to find. The large lake is a beautiful escape where visitors can fish, swim and enjoy the outdoors. Past the resort are wildlife areas and natural landscapes that continue for many kilometres along logging and exploratory roads.

From any direction, and to any destination, the roads of the Okanagan are some of the most beautiful in British Columbia. Take some time to discover the natural beauty of the valley by hitting the road and taking a cruise through some of these top Okanagan destinations.

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