Live the Organic Lifestyle? You're Going to Love Kelowna and the Okanagan Area of BC

When it comes to accomplishing a healthy overall lifestyle, it's important that we pay special attention to what we put into our bodies, as well as how actively we maintain them through fitness. This particular sense of well-being can often be attained through living an organic lifestyle, and ensuring that you're eating only the freshest, most naturally-grown ingredients. Luckily if you're living in Kelowna or the Okanagan, or if you're planning a move to the area, there are many options available at our disposal that make living the organic lifestyle that much more convenient and viable.

The Best of Wine Country: Organic Wineries

Okanagan is known widely as "wine country" and for very good reason: the miles of dry land and flourishing vines are home to hundreds of highly superior, quality wineries across the Okanagan. Luckily for the organic lovers, there are many high-quality, organic wineries among the list. Organic grape growing, which is becoming increasingly popular in Kelowna and the surrounding areas, makes up the principal business of wineries like Kalala Organic Estate Winery, which is located in West Kelowna.

Though purchasing directly from organic wineries is a sure-fire way to determine quality and keenness before buying, many central wine dealers, such as Discover Wines at Orchard Plaza Shopping Centre offer many local, organic wines in a convenient place.

Kelowna's Organic Eateries and Restaurants

Eating out in restaurants - while ensuring that you remain healthy - has never been easier than it is when you live in Kelowna. With many menus dedicated to the art of eating and living an organic lifestyle, you'll find plenty of restaurants in Kelowna and surrounding areas, such as Sunset Organic Bistro at Summerhill Pyramid Winery, with ample organic options. The Bohemian Cafe and Catering Company is another local Kelowna restaurant that promotes local and organic ingredients, free-range eggs, and vegan-friendly options, with a great range of breakfast and lunch items.

Organic and Local Produce: Kelowna Farmers' and Crafters' Market

If you're more of a 'DIY' chef, you can easily find the same level of freshness and quality in your ingredients for your at-home meals. Year round you can find both indoor and outdoor farmers' markets in the Okanagan for organic, fresh, and local produce, such as the Kelowna Farmers' and Crafter's Market. From April to October, you can pick up your organic produce on Wednesdays and Saturdays at the Farmers' Market located at the corner of Springfield Road and Dilworth Drive, and during the winter months the market is still open indoors at Parkinson Recreation Centre on Saturday mornings and other select dates.

When it comes to accomplishing a particular lifestyle, it's mighty important that we all pay special attention to our surroundings. Since we are what we eat, and we're all a product of our environments, a relocation or stay in Kelowna couldn't possibly be a negative thing. So if you're planning a move or a visit to Kelowna, rest assured that you'll absolutely love the Okanagan area of BC. This is especially true if you're also pursuing the organic lifestyle for that ultimate sense of well-being.

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