Mental Yoga: Refresh Your Mind and Spirit at These Tranquil Areas Around Kelowna

As a yogi, you surely understand the physical and mental sense of well-being you receive from your frequent yoga practices, and you may have even come to rely on the mental benefits as much as the physical. Whether you're in the mood to get your body moving, or whether you're just looking for that mental form of yoga through relaxation, you can easily find both in Kelowna. Here are some relaxing areas to find that calming sense of Zen outside in the fresh air, and outside of the yoga studio.

Cliffside Calmness: Myra Canyon Trestles

As a popular destination for hikers in the summer and skiers and snowshoers in the winter, Myra Canyon is a great place for seekers of quietness and Zen lovers of all stripes. The area offers breathtaking views of the Okanagan Lake and Kelowna. Located about 40 minutes from downtown Kelowna, this portion of the Kettle Valley Railway offers some of the most scenic exploration opportunities in the area, such as two tunnels and cliffside paths. Great for biking and walking, the 12 kilometres of exercise space at the canyon also offer many cliffside areas perfect for laying down a blanket and watching the sunset. Whether with a friend, a companion, or just by yourself, Myra Canyon offers a sense of cliffside calmness that might resemble your yoga practice Zen.

A View from the Vines: Mission Hill Winery

Whether you're interested in a calming and relaxing sipping session, would like a satisfying meal at an upscale restaurant, or are in the mood for a private picnic among the vines, Mission Hill Winery offers it all. Set atop a hill in West Kelowna overlooking Okanagan Lake, the winery is not far from central Kelowna and offers one of the best views of the lake and the city. Find quietness to think, as well as a great view for inspiration, among the vines at Mission Hill Winery, and get the most of your "yoga for the mind." Mission Hill Winery is located at 1730 Mission Hill Road.

Private Beach at Kalamoir Park

Untouched by many Kelowna locals, Kalamoir Park combines winding paths through the forest with private waterfront beaches at Okanagan Lake. As a great place to enjoy swimming or relaxing near the water, you can achieve a great sense of tranquillity thanks to the calm waters and quietness of the area. Plus, you're likely to be able to claim an area of the park as your own for the day, so Kalamoir Park is a great place for reading by yourself and enjoying a quiet conversation with a loved one on a sunny day. Kalamoir Park is located just 15 minutes from downtown Kelowna, south of West Kelowna at the western edge of the Okanagan Lake.

Being a yogi means much more than just practicing yoga as a form of exercise. To truly immerse oneself in the lifestyle of a yogi, one must practice yoga in both its mental and its spiritual forms. As a Kelowna local, being a yogi with a refreshed mind and spirit is a lifestyle that is easily accomplished when the many tranquil spots in the area are put to good use.

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