Top Five Most Affordable Markets For Houses in Vancouver

Top Five Most Affordable Markets For Houses in Vancouver

For many people, the thought of buying a house in a rising market intimidates them. The COVID-19 housing boom is unlikely to return to Vancouver, but home prices may not budge from their current levels. So, according to, it may be wise to look to other cities near the city for affordable houses. New inventory is expected to relieve the higher prices in some parts of the province. Listed below are the top five most affordable markets for houses in Vancouver. While they aren't necessarily the most desirable areas, these areas are still a good option.

Maple Ridge British Columbia

When it comes to affordability, Maple Ridge may be the best bet in Metro Vancouver. A recent report showed that the median price for a Maple Ridge house fell by about a third from February to May this year, a drop of 15 percent. Comparable declines occurred in Surrey and New Westminster. This suggests that the price of a Maple Ridge house is still a good deal for buyers, even in the current market.

A growing population and a low price tag make Maple Ridge a desirable choice. This quaint, leafy city has rolling hills and flatlands ideal for growing berry crops. Locals and tourists alike enjoy the many farms and wineries throughout the town. Maple Ridge enjoys a temperate coastal rainforest climate, meaning that it receives plenty of sunshine all year round. Summer temperatures average 18 deg, while winter lows rarely fall below zero.

North Delta Real Estate

Historically, the real estate market in Delta and Surrey has been expensive. However, prices have begun to fall in recent months. In March 2020, the median home price in Delta and Surrey was $915,600, up just over one percent year over year. In Delta alone, there were 62 homes sold and seventy-four in Surrey. The median price is a good indication of the market's activity, as it represents the middle point of all prices.

Compared to other regions, North Delta is one of the most affordable markets in Metro Vancouver. The median income of residents in North Delta is $92,300, compared to a benchmark price of $1,669,900. This means that a household earning $86,178 would be able to purchase a detached house in this area for less than $35,602 without making significant concessions on the quality of living.

Pitt Meadows Neighbourhood

If you're looking for a home in the Greater Vancouver area, Pitt Meadows has a number of housing options for every budget. In addition to affordable homes, Pitt Meadows also offers great amenities like trails, parks, and wineries. Residents also tout the affordable prices of their single-family detached dwellings. Aside from housing affordability, Pitt Meadows offers an upscale country feel and great schools.

The city has invested heavily in its local parks and green space, and the Pitt Meadows Parks, Recreation, and Culture Department offers a number of facilities for sports. The city is also home to six outstanding 18-hole golf courses and a community garden with over 200 plots. With all this, Pitt Meadows is one of the five most affordable markets for properties in the City.

Bowen Island - Still in Greater Vancouver

While the market for homes on Bowen Island is more expensive than the rest of the Greater Vancouver area, the median house price on the island is still well below the province's median. And while the average house price is $720,000, the median days on market is just seven days. And the community's affordability is reflected in the average median income of the residents. Two-thirds of the community commute to Vancouver for work.

The low cost of housing in Bowen Island is largely due to the fact that the majority of Bowen's residential addresses are detached homes, and not purpose-built apartments. This makes rental prices appear lower than they are in other parts of the city. However, local media and housing surveys have reported a growing concern about the quality of long-term rentals on the island. One Bowen Island undercurrent reported that there were as many as 26 people bidding for the same rental space.


A low cost of living is an important factor when purchasing a new home, and the city of Ladner, BC, is no exception. The average price of a two-bedroom house in Ladner is $3188. Prices for three-bedroom houses are slightly higher, at $3600 and $3350, respectively. If you're looking to buy a house in Vancouver, Ladner may be one of the five most affordable markets in the city.

A recent report from the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver indicates that house prices in these markets have risen steadily since February 2021, despite the strong demand for new housing in Vancouver. The report highlights price growth in five different areas outside of the city, including Bowen Island, West Vancouver, Maple Ridge, and Ladner. While the overall average price of properties in these areas has gone up, Ladner and its neighbouring communities remain some of the five most affordable markets in Vancouver.

Statistics for Major Cities

  • Keep in mind that you are able to be in the perfect location in BC by paying just the minimum amount of down (5 percent). -
  • If you put the minimum down payment , it will automatically require you to pay for the Mortgage Loan Insurance (approx 2.4 percent of the mortgage) and will permit you to purchase a home faster.
  • Minimum down payment requirements in BC The following applies: If the price of the home does not exceed $500,000 the minimum down amount is 5 percent. -
  • If the value of the home is between $500,000 to $999,999 the minimum down amount is 5percent of the initial $5000 and 10% on the amount greater than $500,000.
  • If the value of the home is $1,000,000 or more the minimum down amount is 20%..
  • With an average cost of $228,000, it is in the same scenario with Hope which has seen the highest price rise from year to year at 53 percent.
  • Vancouver is also an important center of immigration. 42 percent of its residents are immigrants, and the number is projected to increase.
  • In the end, 61% of the dwellings in the city are apartments.
  • The benchmark cost was $994,033, which is 4% more than a year ago and 10% more than the previous three years and 34% more than five years prior.
  • Just 16 percent of households in the region have children.
  • At the close this year prices for homes increased by 10% over a year earlier, 9percent more than three years earlier and 38% more than five years ago.
  • Mount Pleasant also has some fantastic schools, but just 17% of families have children.
  • In the year 2021's final month the prices were just four percent higher than they were a year prior.
  • There there was no change in prices over three years. However, over 5 years the prices fell to 6 percentage.
  • It's not surprising that 51 percent of households have kids.
  • It was found that home sales increased to $49.7 billion in 2019's first 9 months. This is up 25 percent over the same period in the year before.
  • BCREA information also revealed that homebuyers purchased more than 65,000 unites from January through September 2021. This is an 12.5 percent increase year-over-year.
  • For the fourth straight month the market for housing experienced an increase in activity as the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board reported an increase of 9.4 percent growth in September, compared to August 2021.
  • The price of single-family detached houses increased 1.3 per cent over the month up to $1.032 million.
  • Keep in mind that it may appear as if it's not but it's true that 75 percent of the regions in Canada are undervalued including some areas of B.C.

More Key Items on Neighbourhoods in Greater Vancouver Canada

  • A new study by a Canadian real estate company has revealed that there isn't any one market in Metro Vancouver where a household that earns the median income is able to afford properties for sale. The study utilized an analysis of benchmark detached homes and apartment prices, as in Statistics Canada data, to discover a vast gap.
  • Vancouver real property prices are rising, but Alberta real property has seen a significant decline in benchmark prices by 2022 in cities such as Edmonton as well as Lethbridge.
  • When homebuyers are looking for something more than bricks and mortar, the quality of life is becoming an important factor when it comes to choosing the ideal neighborhood.
  • The most lucrative investment close to Vancouver is located between Abbotsford as well as Hope, BC. This area of Vancouver will see a tremendous increase and is comparatively accessible today.
  • Find out what it is like to work and live in our area so that you can utilize your home office maybe.
  • The entire region of the Lower Mainland is bordered by the mountains and the sea  TIt is a sought-after real estate location with lots of beautiful views. These are the most affordable properties in the city.

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